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We specialise in delivering comprehensive services tailored to streamline your interactions with municipalities. Our professional expertise spans a wide array of vital processes, ensuring your business navigates regulatory landscapes seamlessly.

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Our main services include, but are not limited to:

Documentation Collection

Thorough inquiries made at Council to obtain copies of existing house plans, zoning certificates, SG diagrams, Town Planning Schemes, or any other critical information exclusively available from the Local Authority and its archives.

Standard Plan Submissions

A streamlined process for plan submissions that do not require additional applications, such as building line encroachment, rezoning, or special consent use.

Building Line Relaxation

Ensuring building line relaxation, where applicable, prior to any plan submission. This is crucial when additions encroach upon set building lines as per the Zoning certificate.

Services Types

1. Stand/Erf Information

Comprehensive service for future property buyers. We identify potential risks, such as land use restrictions, servitudes, sewerage connection positions, building restrictions, and ensure all existing structures have approved building plans.

Important Note to Future Property Owners: Secure approved plans before signing any contracts to avoid liability for council-approved and illegal structures on-site.

2. Submission & Approval of Plans

Expert handling of the submission and approval processes for building plans, shop & office layouts in City of Tshwane and Johannesburg areas.

Specialized submission to Home Owners Association (HOA) aesthetic committees, including addressing inter-party comments by neighbours and application for encroachment of building lines at the local municipality.

3. Submission and Approval of Site Development Plans

Proficient handling of Site Development Plans submission and approval processes at Kungwene & Tshwane local municipalities.

4. Acquiring Documentation at the Local Municipality

Swift acquisition of crucial documentation at City of Tshwane and Johannesburg Municipality areas for building purposes, including zoning certificates, SG diagrams, sewerage slips, title deeds, and existing building plans.


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